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Say Goodbye ot Allergy Related ADHD!


ADHD Treatment:

Allergy causes brain imbalance. An allergic person can react to anything around him, creating various health problems, which involve every part an dorgan of the body or impair any function of the body.

Currently we provide natural healing treatment using NAET.

Natural Healing Treatment:

According to NAET theory, when a substance is brought into the electromagnetic field of a person, an attraction or repulsion takes place between the energy of the person and the substance. If attraction, the person can benefit from association with the substance. If repulsion, the person can experience the repulsion of his or her energy from the other as a pain or discomfort in the body. This energy repulsion that causes various discomfort in the body are used synonymously with “allergy” in NAET. 
When the body senses a danger or a threat from an allergen, the sensory nerves carry the message to the brain and the brain will alert the whole body about the imminent danger. The energy pathways “shut down”, muscles contract to conserve energy, other defense forces like lymph, blood cells, etc., get ready to face the emergency. Spinal nerves also get tightened due to the contracted muscles. Vertebrae go into misalignment causing impingement at the affected vertebral level. Energy is blocked due to the impingement. So, a good chiropractic adjustment can remove the nerve impingement at the specific vertebral level and this can unblock the blocked energy pathway making the energy circulate again freely.
According to Oriental medical theory, allergies and allergy-based disorders are the results of long-term energy disturbances in the energy pathways. In this case, the brain chemicals are not produced or distributed correctly such as in ADHD patients. If given a chance, appropriate stimulation to the spinal nerves, the brain and nervous system can produce substances within the body and distribute them appropriately. The brain has the ability to create appropriate remedial secretions that release to the target tissue and organs when needed to heal infections, allergies, imbalances, and immune deficiency diseases, etc…Treatment with NAET can unblock the blockages in the energy pathways and restart normal energy circulation through the once blocked energy channels. This enhances the supply of right nutrients to the brain. When the brain receives the right nutrients it can function normally and coordinate with the rest of the body to operate the body function appropriately. This has been demonstrated repeatedly and proven in many cases when treated with NAET.


About Dr. Lu

Dr. Lu  completed his medical education and training in China. (The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Shandong University Medical College respectively) Over 20 years clinic and research experiences in both medical school and hospital, Dr. Lu learned both West Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine including modern medical technology, acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and specializing in neurology. After years practice and accomplishments in China, Dr. Lu was invited as a visiting  assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine in 1991. After excellent achievements in research program funded by NIH and NSF, Dr. Lu decided to become a Chiropractic Doctor in order to introduce the Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Western culture. Obtained Doctor Degree of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Lu became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and board certified Acupuncturist and began his practice in Dallas Texas since then. In 2007 Dr. Lu was voted the best acupuncturist in City of Richardson by Living Magazine.


Dr. Lu Acu

Doctor of Chiropractic
Board Certified Acupuncturist
M.D. in China
Over 20 years of Clinic Experience
Member of American Chiropractic Association

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Chiropractic Care
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